Famous Canadians

Canada is a country of many great achievers, including some who are internationally famous. However, since Canada has a small population and is sometimes overlooked, not everyone realises that these achievers are Canadians!

Inspired by this, I have compiled a list of famous Canadians. To make the list people have to (a) be sufficiently famous that a significant percentage of people in at least one country besides Canada have heard of them or their work; and (b) have lived a substantial portion of their life in Canada. (People who spent just a few years in Canada are not counted, even if they made extraordinary advances while here. For example, Alexander Graham Bell made the world's first inter-building and long-distance phone calls in Canada, in 1876; and Guglielmo Marconi received the world's first transatlantic radio signal, in St. John's, in 1901 -- but they're not listed here.)

Here, then, is the list (in alphabetical order). I welcome comments, corrections, and suggestions for additions; please e-mail me.

-- Jeffrey Rosenthal

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-- Jeffrey Rosenthal (contact me)